Laundry Room Secrets

The other day the bucket that is sitting on top of my dryer was overflowing…

…with pocket change and assorted laundry junk.
Secretly I collect, in that bucket, all that I find in pockets before the pants go into the washer.  This is the accumulation of a year’s worth of emptied pockets.

It’s not my stuff and not Mike’s stuff either.  This junk belongs to the boys.
There are the heads of LEGO men and other assorted LEGOS, bottle caps, golf balls and golf  t’s, marbles, razors, chewed up No.2 pencils, bobbers and thread, tool handles, chewing gum,  batteries, Petoskey stones, belt buckles and lots and lots of money.

Of course you can imagine that I consider the change to be mine –
It’s the change from all those times when they needed a quick buck to buy this or that. It’s the change that was never returned to me.  It was collected in the bucket.

Mike sorting out MY change, muahahahaaa

Thank heavens there was never a dead mouse in any of the pockets, like someone told me there would be some day.

19 thoughts on “Laundry Room Secrets

  1. Motto at my house….whoever empties the washer/dryer gets the spoils. Found a $20 once!!

  2. Boy you can def tell you have boys. lol Happy laundering!

  3. Oh how I remember those days…… more kids at home now, and, unless grandkids here, no treasures in pockets….. kind of sad…..

    • Right now I think that you are the lucky one.
      Just the other day I washed a brand new iPod. I found it after it went through the dryer. Mike said “it’s his fault” and I stuck it in his room. I hope he won’t notice how clean it is 😦

  4. shelley brown

    Why is it so hard for the male species to empty their pockets before throwing them into the laundry basket…..or as I imagine for your house, throwing them onto their bedroom floor!
    I usually find nails, screws, business cards, pens and once in awhile $. And the $ belongs to me since I had to do the work to get the clothes clean!

  5. Gosh, why don’t they empty their pockets?? I too, keep the spoils. 🙂

    I actually washed my husband’s passport. 😦

  6. Interesting…such a collection of goodies! I think the worst laundered item at house was gum in a shirt pocket and the naughty one you ask??? None other than the man of the house! Good luck Iris!

  7. Joyce Ochowicz

    When my son was old enough to take apart his bicycle and put it back together, I figured he was old enough to turn a few dials and push a few buttons on the washer and dryer. No clean clothes? Too bad….guess he had to do a load of laundry!


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