Marc has been bugging me to make a blueberry pie.  The opportunity to get blueberries came last Saturday, when we stopped at Miller’s Northwoods Market on M-22, after a trip to have his ears pierced by his aunt in Manistee.  So now I had the blueberries but someone ate them before I could use them…

Finally I went to pick blueberries yesterday and I took with me Bachelor Joe.  WE drove down Grace Road and turned on Paul Rose Road to find the U-Pick blueberry patch.

Joe learning to pick the perfect berries :mrgreen:

hmmm…There is no fooling me, these are not blueberries 😉

By the time the rain started to drizzle, Joe and I had picked 8 pounds exactly.

And then I made that pie for Marc.  He definitely has a sweet tooth.

I made the
most beautiful
tasty pie

It came out of the oven at 11 PM. My camera was in the car and I wasn’t going to go and get it. This picture is of the pie after Marc had a big piece of it this morning, and yes, I had some too.  How else could I say it’s the tastiest ever? 🙂

I used the Martha Stewart Pate Brisée  recipe, as usual, but I substituted 1/2 cup of the flour for 1/2 cup of yellow cornmeal.  OMGosh it is sooooo tasty.

30 thoughts on “Blueberries

  1. That is honestly the prettiest pie imaginable! It is even a cover girl of a pie…check out my blog on Cover Girl beet salad and you will know what I mean. I NEVER make things look beautiful…ah well. Is Aunt Del your Aunt?

  2. Pie, Pie,
    Beautiful Pie…….

  3. That pie looks yummy. Please tell Joe we said hi. We met him last summer and had breckfast with him at Elberta Beach Cafe. Craig and Joe are both in consumer products. Maybe that will help him remember us. :o)

    So far it looks like we are going to make it up. Only 36 hours. Can’t wait.

    • You better not answer the phone and get bad news before you leave home to come here, Robbyn.
      I will give Joe your message. Too bad, he’ll be leaving and you’ll be arriving…

      See you Sunday afternoon!

  4. Iris, your blueberry pie is gorgeous and I am sure it is delicious! Don’t you just love all the fresh fruits & vegetables that are available right now in our neck of the woods?

  5. Thats what I’m talking about girl, you just keep baking. Let the contest begin.

  6. I saw the pie this evening and it looks terrific.. I forgot to bring some to mom’s with me..PLEASE save me a piece. I will be over tomorrow to collect. PS. Thanks for the great time tonight.

  7. shelley brown

    YUM ~ O!!!!!!

  8. Wow, that is, or should I say, was a beautiful pie? Now you have me hankering for some myself. 🙂

  9. Your pie was great. first thing I had went I got home from the hospital and nothing to eat for 36 hours. Only have one piece left and that’s mine

  10. Your pie looks delicious! I am going to have to attempt the cornmeal crust one of these days.

  11. Thanks for the tips:)

  12. Blueberries are the best, but I’ll take the wild raspberries that are everywhere on our property and road here in the U.P.

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