Cherry Harvest begins (via Adventures of an Innkeeper)

I have neglected this blog a little due to lack of time. So I thought you might enjoy reading about the cherry harvest again. It is in full swing right now, Marc and Tyler and a couple of their friends are in the midst of it at Bill Johnson’s orchard…

Cherry Harvest begins The cherry harvest began the day before yesterday.  Bill Johnson is the boys' boss in the summertime.  He owns a good size cherry orchard right off  Grace Road.  Since last year the boys have been shaking cherries for Bill and they love it.  They get to work with a bunch of people who are fun, while  Bill treats them like sons and gives them considerable grief just because he can! The other day, I found some cheap(er) shoes for them to get messed … Read More

via Adventures of an Innkeeper

3 thoughts on “Cherry Harvest begins (via Adventures of an Innkeeper)

  1. Joyce Ochowicz

    Can’t think of why you are so busy you can’t blog….you’d think you run a business or something!!

    Looking forward to my visit in August. I can hardly wait. My puppy isn’t much of a puppy any more, but cute nonetheless.


  2. Cherries! Hooray! Can’t wait to have some of those beauties. 🙂

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