Bayview Grille

We were lucky enough to snag an invitation to the new Bayview Grille in Frankfort. A preview dinner.   I have to say, I felt special since we sort of didn’t belong with that group of guests.  Invited were the craftsmen, the designer, painters, bankers, carpenters, vendors – all those who helped to get this new restaurant off the ground. Mike and I were invited because I wrote about this beautiful new eatery in this post

Opening its doors to the public on  Thursday morning, June 17  at 6 AM, yes, 6 AM. I am salivating thinking about what they will serve.  Starting with beignets, mmmmmgood,  they will serve some really interesting breakfast items, coffee from “higher grounds”.  Then there will be lunch and of course dinner.
What am I babbling about here? I thought that I could remember all that Dale told us about the menu – apparently that is not so.  I don’t have a menu to copy yet but I should have one in my hands by the end of the week.

Too much talking,  back to tonight.  I’m afraid my pictures don’t do it justice 😦

VERY comfortable chairs.

Dale Evans, proprietor.

The flooring people Dale Censer and his wife of TileCraft, Inc. put in that pretty flooring and Bonnie Woolsey (right) of MasterCraft Cabinets – they made that incredible bar with Hickory wood and accents of corrugated steel, built right here in Grand Traverse County.

I drooled over the light fixtures…

We had a choice of panko crusted whitefish or petite filet of beef and a gorgeous chocolate desert.

Petite Filet (2) with smashed potatoes and asparagus

Panko crusted whitefish with a butter sauce…


And there you have it. The restaurant will eventually have 60 seats outdoors – overlooking the bay.

It was a very nice evening. I can’t wait for Thursday morning.

Congratulations, Dale Evans, I promise, I will not forget your name again!  😛

The War of the Roses

There once sort of grew a rose  behind cottage 5!

Gosh, it didn’t do much out there; the little thing didn’t want to grow.
There it vegged for a few years and finally we took it out and replaced it with a Rose of Sharon.
That one was a dud as well.

So much for calling #5
“The Rose Cottage”
instead of just plain
“No. 5”

Imagine my surprise when I saw this the other day.  So what did my beady, little eyes spy?  😯

I was walking between the cottages when something reached out and grabbed me by the shoulder…

Wait that’s not Rose of Sharon, that’s the cute, little, pink rose, which we ripped out of the ground 8 years ago!

Do you see?  They are both standing there in the very same spot. 


Rosie and Sharon

Sharon will bloom right after Rosie is done.  It’s all good…I think.

Shout out!

Look out everyone, there’s a new Farmer’s Market in town and that’s not all that’s new.  Now we can buy fresh stuff on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

breads and jams 🙂


soaps and salves

Grow Benzie, in its infancy still, it was established in 2009 by some really cool people. Grow Benzie purchased that building with the greenhouses on 115 between Benzonia and Frankfort. It’s a non-profit  organization and they are growing vegetables.
If I remember correctly, their mission is to get everyone into the healthy foods fresh from the fields instead of all the convenience foods most of us consume today.
This is a great idea and I am supporting it not with volunteering [yet]; I am shopping at their Wednesday market.  The first market was held 2 days ago. It was very small but I saw a “steady stream” of customers.

One of the founding members

the garden starts to grow…

This summer they have a really cool event planned which includes, an art exhibit on July 23rd by Melanie Parke and Richard Kooyman
as well asHosea Rosenberg – winner of the Bravo Channel’s Top Chef competition, season 5,  who will prepare some wonderful dishes on July 24th.

Hooray for Farmer’s Markets and living in Benzie County!