Bayview Grille

We were lucky enough to snag an invitation to the new Bayview Grille in Frankfort. A preview dinner.   I have to say, I felt special since we sort of didn’t belong with that group of guests.  Invited were the craftsmen, the designer, painters, bankers, carpenters, vendors – all those who helped to get this new restaurant off the ground. Mike and I were invited because I wrote about this beautiful new eatery in this post

Opening its doors to the public on  Thursday morning, June 17  at 6 AM, yes, 6 AM. I am salivating thinking about what they will serve.  Starting with beignets, mmmmmgood,  they will serve some really interesting breakfast items, coffee from “higher grounds”.  Then there will be lunch and of course dinner.
What am I babbling about here? I thought that I could remember all that Dale told us about the menu – apparently that is not so.  I don’t have a menu to copy yet but I should have one in my hands by the end of the week.

Too much talking,  back to tonight.  I’m afraid my pictures don’t do it justice 😦

VERY comfortable chairs.

Dale Evans, proprietor.

The flooring people Dale Censer and his wife of TileCraft, Inc. put in that pretty flooring and Bonnie Woolsey (right) of MasterCraft Cabinets – they made that incredible bar with Hickory wood and accents of corrugated steel, built right here in Grand Traverse County.

I drooled over the light fixtures…

We had a choice of panko crusted whitefish or petite filet of beef and a gorgeous chocolate desert.

Petite Filet (2) with smashed potatoes and asparagus

Panko crusted whitefish with a butter sauce…


And there you have it. The restaurant will eventually have 60 seats outdoors – overlooking the bay.

It was a very nice evening. I can’t wait for Thursday morning.

Congratulations, Dale Evans, I promise, I will not forget your name again!  😛

21 thoughts on “Bayview Grille

  1. With a name like Dale Evans, how can you go wrong…I am the other Dale Evans in town! The food sounds great and the decor’ is beautiful! I look forward to the beignets, such a treat to start the day! Thanks for posting this article Iris!

    • Dale, how about you and I – Thursday morning 6 am for the big door opening at the Grille? Then I can fill you in on how I mistook the owner Dale for you…

    • Dale:

      I have stopped by Olsen’s to meet you several times. Sorry I have missed you. Who would have thought 2 Dale Evans’ in the same small town. Look forward to meeting you soon. Please stop by.


      • Dale, The gals at Olsen-Sayles have told me that you were anxious to meet the other Dale and I likewise. I work at the store tomorrow (your opening day) so we will catch up sometime soon. My husband & I will be stopping by for what looks like very tasty food…and did I mention the beignets??? Can’t wait! Best wishes to you all at Bayview Grille & welcome to Benzie County!

  2. Which way does the bar face? Main Street or the back? Sounds like we have a new place for breakfast when I come up for vacation. Maybe another place…we can’t skip Trick Dog French Toast!!!

    • it faces west or for Ann Arbor people towards the beach, hehe 😛
      Trick Dog no longer serves food other than muffins and such things (I was told)
      I have yet to go up there this summer.

  3. Iris:

    Thanks for your support and wonderful comments. Look forward to seeing you soon. Sorry I couldn’t spend more time chatting last evening.

    Dale Evans
    the other one
    Bayview Grille

  4. Oh my goodness!! I think we will have to come and stay for two weeks in order to take in all the new things going on! Hooray!!

  5. Iris, I just sent your link to ALL my family and friends, and former co-workers and encouraged them to check out your Inn when they come to visit our restaurant. Thanks for posting the pictures. I am sorry to have missed the event, but will be moving up there soon and look forward to meeting you.

    Jill M. Weide
    (wife of Dale Evans – the other one)

    • Thank you very much! You’ve missed a beautiful evening. Mike and I are very excited for you and for us.

    • Jill – I worked with your mom and dad at the college for many years. I still have some of your mom’s great Christmas cookie recipes! My husband, Ken and I now are retired and live in Interlochen. We will be sure to stop in and introduce ourselves. I hope all is well with you and your family. Jan was always so proud of you. And you know that I can’t say enough about her. She was a wonderful woman.

      • Jill M. Weide

        I will be up in Frankfort sometime after the 25th of June (my kids are still in school). I look forward to meeting you and enjoying the Up North life.

  6. I have enjoyed your website ever since you first wrote about the Bayview Grille and signed up so I could get your postings about the area. I too have let family and friends know about your site. Of course I’m biased, but enjoyed your new posting on the restaurant.

    Frank Weide (father of Jill)
    Westland, MI

  7. Karen Harrison

    We drove by today to see how progress was going. It looked like everyone was working away as hard as they could. Lots of effort! We are so ecited for your new restaurant. There aren’t many places to get a good breakfast and we are tired of the same old places to dine. My cousin Kathy e-mailed me about this resaturant. We are cousins on the Czuba side of the family. We will be in to help support the opening of the new restaurant and wish you much success. A friend of mine, Kara, did the decorating. I like the looks of what I see here! I’ll come with a hungry tummy. The pictures of the food look mouthwatering! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Karen Harrison

  8. Iris, it was so nice to meet you and Mike, and spend the evening getting to know you. I look forward to stopping by the Inn. It looks like a beautiful place. I look forward to learning about the history and seeing the architecture…..two of my favorite subjects!

    Thank you for the link to MasterCraft Cabinets. I feel fortunate to work with such excellent craftsman. They did a great job on the bar in record time. I didn’t want to be the one holding up opening day!

  9. We, the owners and staff of the Bayview Grille, would like to extend our appreciation to all our customers who came in during our first weekend of business and may have experienced our opening weekend jitters. We made some mistakes and were unable to provide our customers the quality of service for which we want to be known. For this we are extremely sorry. We ask for your tolerance and understanding and assure you that corrections have been made, staff have been hired and we are confident you will be satisfied with your future dining experiences at the Bayview Grille when you try us again.

    The Management staff of the Bayview Grille

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