The War of the Roses

There once sort of grew a rose  behind cottage 5!

Gosh, it didn’t do much out there; the little thing didn’t want to grow.
There it vegged for a few years and finally we took it out and replaced it with a Rose of Sharon.
That one was a dud as well.

So much for calling #5
“The Rose Cottage”
instead of just plain
“No. 5”

Imagine my surprise when I saw this the other day.  So what did my beady, little eyes spy?  😯

I was walking between the cottages when something reached out and grabbed me by the shoulder…

Wait that’s not Rose of Sharon, that’s the cute, little, pink rose, which we ripped out of the ground 8 years ago!

Do you see?  They are both standing there in the very same spot. 


Rosie and Sharon

Sharon will bloom right after Rosie is done.  It’s all good…I think.

4 thoughts on “The War of the Roses

  1. Maybe you can help my tomato

  2. Ummm, maybe stuff should not be grown upside down? 😛

  3. I have a butterfly bush that I swore I dug up years ago, that has somehow resurrected itself. I love nature’s surprises.

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