Shout out!

Look out everyone, there’s a new Farmer’s Market in town and that’s not all that’s new.  Now we can buy fresh stuff on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

breads and jams 🙂


soaps and salves

Grow Benzie, in its infancy still, it was established in 2009 by some really cool people. Grow Benzie purchased that building with the greenhouses on 115 between Benzonia and Frankfort. It’s a non-profit  organization and they are growing vegetables.
If I remember correctly, their mission is to get everyone into the healthy foods fresh from the fields instead of all the convenience foods most of us consume today.
This is a great idea and I am supporting it not with volunteering [yet]; I am shopping at their Wednesday market.  The first market was held 2 days ago. It was very small but I saw a “steady stream” of customers.

One of the founding members

the garden starts to grow…

This summer they have a really cool event planned which includes, an art exhibit on July 23rd by Melanie Parke and Richard Kooyman
as well asHosea Rosenberg – winner of the Bravo Channel’s Top Chef competition, season 5,  who will prepare some wonderful dishes on July 24th.

Hooray for Farmer’s Markets and living in Benzie County!

8 thoughts on “Shout out!

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Iris! I will head over on Wednesday to check it out.

  2. Iris, That is so cool. I love going to our own Farmers Mkt. The veggies seem to be so much fresher and it helps out the locals.

    • Exactly Kay. The veggies are fresher and hopefully better for you, although our grocery stores say that they get their produce locally. I wonder what that means in the way of loopholes 😉

  3. Janice Gravelines

    Look at that bread!!

    Gotta LOVE Farmer’s Markets. We’re fortunate to have a terrific one. With a huge Mennonite population here, the baking brings tears to your eyes. I can barely see to decide between the cinnamon buns or the strawberry-rhubarb pies…so I take both.

    • We only have one Mennonite woman selling her stuff here. Oh the things she has…turkey and duck eggs, breads, wool filled pillows, cremes and lotions, veggies. You name it, she has it and all her kids from 6 all the way up to 18 come with her and help her sell.

  4. Woohoo!! Something else to look forward to, and to put on the to do list. You had me at bread. 🙂

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