Gwen Frostic – a Benzie County Treasure

I am excited to tell you all that Gwen Frostic’s, after being neglected for many years and finally closed down for 7 months has opened it’s doors again.  Emerged from the mess has this beautiful place that is fun to be in and shop.  All the things that were created while Gwen Frostic was still alive are looking great  – see for yourselves:

It is obvious when driving by (on River Road half way between Benzonia and Elberta) that things have changed here and that there is someone at work who cares and loves this place …

Down at that level the printing is done

Just look at the neat rows of greeting cards, note pads, napkins, place mats, etc.

And there you have it, Gwen Frostic ! Go there and enjoy the art and the bird sanctuary.  Yes, there is a bird sanctuary. I am not sure how much of it is public – just ask.

12 thoughts on “Gwen Frostic – a Benzie County Treasure

  1. OMG thank you for the beautiful pix!! I had only heard that they closed, I am so happy!!!

  2. Joyce Ochowicz

    I didn’t know Frostic’s had closed. I bought some cards and things last year when I was up in your area. I’ve always thought that place was amazing and it’s nice to know it’s open again. It would be a shame to lose the legacy of Gwen Frostic.

  3. Looks like another “must do” for our next visit. How unique!

  4. Thank you Iris for the update. I heard the shop was going to open again. I was so sad to hear that it had closed but it looks better than ever. I am happy to know that Gwen’s art is still available for everyone to enjoy. The shop looks wonderful, so fresh and clean.

    • Robbyn, it really does look so fresh there now. I really meant it when I said that you could tell by driving by. I had no choice but to drive in and take a closer look. It pulls you off the road, watch out!

      • I’m am so so glad. Have you read her biography? She is really amazing. Did you ever meet her? I just have such a good feeling every time I go into her shop. I would have been so very sad if it had not reopened.
        Thanks for the pictures. Looking forward to seeing you again in July.

        • yes, I have met her. Mike and I had dinner with her many years ago.
          She was incredibly generous. If she knew what this guy did with her business, she would turn over in her grave.
          I am glad that things are back where they should be.

  5. My grandparents retired along the Betsie River in that area of Michigan near Gwen Frostic’s magical wonderland. I am positive that visiting there, meeting her, perusing her work, and purchasing some arts/books I still have, were factors in the fabric of my being, to love the crafts, the natural world, the beauty in the simplicity of her work, and love of teaching. It has been almost 2 decades since being up there, though Michigan is my home and always will be. God Bless Gwen and all her colleagues and helpers along the way. What a treasure! Thank you for keeping her legacy alive.

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