House for Sale

One of my favorite houses is for sale and the 5 acres behind that house are for sale as well.  Located on River Road close to Benzonia, there it stands high on the hill looking so beautiful.

Ok, that isn’t it, hehe

Here we go:

View from the porch

kitchen. I had to take all the interior shots through the windows.

dining room

living room

The garage…

2000 sq feet on 5 acres = $ 399.900  hmmm…

6 thoughts on “House for Sale

  1. Did you sneak up and take pictures through the windows? It looks really nice on the inside.

  2. Thank heavens you asked permission…I didn’t want to have to post bail.

  3. Well, if she didn’t post bail, I am sure somebody would have come along, eventually, and sprung you. 🙂

    Lovely house, very serene looking, and it looks very well kept. But, I am afraid that the kitchen would not work for me, no doors on all those cabinets! Yikes I would really have to clean up my act to live there. hehehe

    Love the view from the front porch!

    • You never know what a sister in law might be doing or not. But in Row’s case, I think she would have bailed me out.

      I had the same thought about that kitchen. Much as glass doors or even open shelving looks great, hehe, NOT IN MY ABODE 🙂

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