The Office

I painted the office.  Finally!  It’s been long coming. Actually ever since we painted the paneling 15 years ago, I hated the color it turned out to be.  Finally we painted over it and now it looks really nice 🙂

Not quite finished but showing promise:

The walls are a beautiful blue now.  I still need to paint the map’s frame white.  All in good time :mrgreen:

A life saving ring from an old cottage on Onkeonwe Rd. down by Crystal Lake.   If I don’t put it up, some guests will come right through my messy laundry room and into the house. Embarrassing …

LIfe ring

I know what you’re thinking but no, the desk is not a mess.  It’s called decoupage 😉
A few years ago I started to glue “Thank you” notes to the top of the desk.  I have stacks and stacks of them but not enough space to put them all out.  If I put them on the walls, then I can’t paint over them again, or can I?

Some guests buy cards, some write on snippets of paper and others still used a piece of newspaper to write a note.  I think that that is so special.  I smile every time I see these notes.

Catch of the day:  reading glasses for those guests who cannot fill out the registration without them

catch of the day

And we have tattoos.  Who wouldn’t want to sport a Wayfarer tattoo?  😛


Now we know that summer has finally arrived.  The weather has been so beautiful and the forecast promises more of the same for the week. Temps to be in the 70’s.
We’ve had a busy week here at the Wayfarer. We had our first  regular guests come and stay for the week and weekend.

Friends came from far and wide to say goodbye to a friend.

It was a beautiful day when we gathered at one of Bill’s favorite places – along the Betsie Valley Trail

Simple pleasures

Mother’s Day morning we all went to Dorothy’s house and from there we walked to the Lighthouse Cafe’ in Elberta for the traditional breakfast.  Such a simple thing and so satisfying – Mother’s Day breakfast make everyone happy.

We WALKED – all of us except Dorothy and Fuzz.  Mind you it’s maybe 600 yards from their house to the cafe’.

All of Elberta had that same breakfast in mind, because as we got close to the restaurant, we could see droves of people standing outside waiting for tables to free up inside.

I took pictures of the people.

Not too exciting but then I saw this and it made me smile because it looks like a copy of what I doodle when talking on the phone.

Weird, I know.

Ok, enough :mrgreen:

“Snow/Rain Mix” –

I am disappointed that the weather woman was right about this weekend’s weather.  It is cold, rainy and there is some snow coming along with the rain as well.  In my mind, this is fall weather.

To brighten up the day I will post some more pictures that I took the other day in Arcadia.

Arcadia is a beautiful, sleepy, little village.  No businesses so to speak of.  You’ll find a gas station, a realty office, a gift store there and of course the obligatory village pub.  Arcadia’s pub is called “The big Apple” and it has changed owners as often as we change our clothes.  After the Grocery store with the blind butcher closed, it really got quiet there.  It is easy to miss Arcadia when traveling on M-22 from Manistee to Frankfort or visa-versa.  The road goes through the east side of town and all the pretty stuff is hidden west of M-22.

How to enjoy a day

That’s easy- down with the linens,  put away the cleaning bucket and go for a ride out to Putney’s Nursery in Arcadia.  After all, the weather is so nice and it is time to fill the flower boxes on the cottages. I didn’t get lucky at the nursery, instead I had a blast taking these pictures for you.
I walked along the beach of Lake Michigan and around the orchards and drove all over Arcadia.

Then I went home and pretended to have worked hard all day.

click on each picture once to expand it and then again to see all the details!


I spent most of the day today in the car. Going here and there, being the chauffeur for the boys
who wanted to go to the paintball field. After that we went to Traverse City for several reasons.
Then back to pick up the boys and drop some of them here and others there.
On the last leg of my travels I watched this one cloud.
A cloud, miles long, looking like a drum of sorts.
I have never seen one like this before.
Maybe I have never paid attention?

it gets better…

That cloud was so low, we actually could feel it pushing down on us as we drove under it.

Standing at Franke Dentistry, on 115, to get these pictures

So, what do you think?  Have you seen this sort of cloud before?

Pizza for Dinner…

…is what brought us into town this evening.  We picked up the pies, stashed them away in the car and decided to take a walk up Main Street in Frankfort, heading for the beach. We saw a whole lot of good stuff. So without further ado –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The weather today was perfect for a long walk.  And on the way we saw a lot of friends that were doing the same thing – enjoy the beach and a walk through town.  So much so that we got stopped numerous times to chat and give opinions, hehe – Kelly Stapleton stopped in the middle of Main Street to ask me if I thought that her truck made her look fat :mrgreen: