Ham and Eggs

Oh today was a fun day.  All the guests were here and taken care of, Mike and I felt we could leave the Wayfarer for a few hours.

We drove around the neighborhoods to see the many, many garage sales.  We ended up going to Putney’s to get some more plants for a project which I will show you tomorrow. On the way to Putney’s, we stopped at the farm of one of Mike’s clients right on Glovers Lake Road.  They sell eggs and we love buying eggs :mrgreen:

We got a tour through the place and I took pictures:

We met Darla the bloodhound.  Oh she loved seeing us and got all excited but as soon as I got “too close” to the big momma pig and the little ones, she wasn’t so happy anymore.

Do yourself a favor on click on each picture at least once.  You’ll really see the details then!

Born on Mother’s Day, these little things were too cute for words

more piglets 🙂

These little piglets were born 2 days ago.  This sow had 11 little pigs 😯

Chickens – I know now that, yes, they do stink. Peewwwww. But the eggs are sooooo good
At first they were all outside. As soon as I pulled out the camera, they disappeared and I had to hunt them down and take the picture through a hole in the screen.

Some of the biggest tires I have ever seen.

Mules!  wow they were pretty.  I talked with them for a few minutes and they agreed, it was interesting to meet each other, hehe

We don’t know what kind these dogs were. Something Australian…

The duck pond

And eggs :mrgreen:

I had a great day, don’t you think?

11 thoughts on “Ham and Eggs

  1. LOVE your blog Iris, you always take us on a fun ride! Bless you Iris for treating us so well!

  2. shelley brown

    Australian Cattle Dogs.
    Love the little piggies! We have a family of javelina sleeping behind our house right now. They have a baby that can’t be more than a couple of days old. Soooo cute!

    • Aha! I knew either you or Ivanka would come forward with some knowledge about the pooches.

      javelinas…so cute. not cuddly cute, but cute. Are you serious, they only have one baby?

      • shelley brown

        Javelinas usually have 2, sometimes 3 babies, but there is only one. She may have had more, but it didn’t make it or a coyote or bobcat could have gotten it. The whole family was here again yesterday. There were 14 members that hung out behind the house for hours! I think they expected to be invited to the Memorial Day BBQ we were having! 😉

  3. I know I gave you grief over wanting chickens but you know, I’ve always wanted a piglet. So cute but in order to get one it would require divorce and relocation. Thanks for the tour, love seeing around town through your eyes. 🙂

  4. Oh me too, Christine, I would love a piglet. Except that they grow up to be big pigs. hehe I also imagine Happy would not like that one bit.

    Yes, Australian Cattle dogs. They are working dogs! I just love farm fresh eggs too, they are distinctly better than the ones you can buy in the grocery store.

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