The House in the Dunes

We met Kathy and Jan the first year we owned the Wayfarer.  They were staying with us whenever they came to look at their property and later while building their new home up in the dunes above Lake Michigan.   I remember in the beginning they brought lawn chairs and put them where they imagined their deck would be.  Well now they have their deck high above the Lake…

Coming up to the catwalk bridging the gorge

The location is so fantastic.  Sitting in that dining room after the sun goes down, watching the freighters going by on the horizon. Magical.

See the Frankfort Lighthouse down there?

Our very good friends Jan and Kathy 🙂

14 thoughts on “The House in the Dunes

  1. shelley brown

    WOW! What a view!

  2. Oh, the view from their house! You are right, it is a magical location, how very lucky they are to live there. 🙂

  3. Joyce Ochowicz

    Beautiful view, beautiful house. One of my former bosses had a house overlooking Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. One evening at a party at his house, we watched a storm come rolling down the lake shore. What an awesome sight. I imagine your friends see some of the same wondrous things from their deck and windows.


  4. Wow just amazing. Lucky, lucky girls…

  5. I don’t think I would ever want to leave if I lived there. Heaven on earth. You really got the feeling that you were in a different world up there. 🙂

  6. Magical is right!! Wow. My dream.

  7. i met Jan & Kathy while vacationing in Alabama.. They are wonderful friends and and I was excited to see pictures of the house I heard so much about. It truly looks gorgeous. I just wish there were more pictures to see.

    • Hi Dianne, you are right, those two ladies are the nicest friends. They are family as soon as one meets them…
      Let me ask them and see if I can email you some pictures or even post them here. I have some nice interior shots but didn’t want to put them up without permission.

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