12 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. Did you go down the “Matzinger” Road?

  2. Beautiful! Some might think that the green in these photos has been the beneficiary of a bit of Photoshopping, but I can attest to the veracity of the hue, having driven in the area within the past 10 days. Don’t tell the Adventure Inn B&B customers whom we’ve turned away, but we’re playing hooky. We launched our boat in Northport, where it wintered, and are taking our time traveling to Port Huron. (Last night, Beaver Island; tonight, St. Ignace; tomorrow, Mackinac Island.) Only two downsides to this lovely weather: fog over the lakes, and swarms of insects, benign but pesky in their numbers.

    • That’s a hoot, Sandy.

      You’ve been in the area and didn’t come to say ‘hello’? tisk, tisk.

      yes, the pesky little insects. Thank goodness, the air never stands still here, so no problem with that.

      I would never tell on you 😉

  3. Beautiful photos! The second one reminds me of a painting. Looks like a fun trip.

  4. shelley brown

    The second picture does look like an oil painting!

  5. Does it? I have found, lately, that we have some interesting cloud patterns. I wonder if they’ve always been here or I am now, finally, paying attention.

  6. Gorgeous! You are blessed with much beauty up there!

  7. You are privy to some amazing views and landscape. Who needs the big city when you have that!

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