The Office

I painted the office.  Finally!  It’s been long coming. Actually ever since we painted the paneling 15 years ago, I hated the color it turned out to be.  Finally we painted over it and now it looks really nice 🙂

Not quite finished but showing promise:

The walls are a beautiful blue now.  I still need to paint the map’s frame white.  All in good time :mrgreen:

A life saving ring from an old cottage on Onkeonwe Rd. down by Crystal Lake.   If I don’t put it up, some guests will come right through my messy laundry room and into the house. Embarrassing …

LIfe ring

I know what you’re thinking but no, the desk is not a mess.  It’s called decoupage 😉
A few years ago I started to glue “Thank you” notes to the top of the desk.  I have stacks and stacks of them but not enough space to put them all out.  If I put them on the walls, then I can’t paint over them again, or can I?

Some guests buy cards, some write on snippets of paper and others still used a piece of newspaper to write a note.  I think that that is so special.  I smile every time I see these notes.

Catch of the day:  reading glasses for those guests who cannot fill out the registration without them

catch of the day

And we have tattoos.  Who wouldn’t want to sport a Wayfarer tattoo?  😛

14 thoughts on “The Office

  1. Iris, it looks great, I love the color!! I want a tattoo! Can you send it to me when you send me the visitors guide (hehe…a little reminder)? Can’t wait to see you soon!

  2. OOh, tatoos! I know a 9 year old that would gladly sport one of those. 🙂

    Great job with the office, it looks so bright and cheerful now. I bet you are glad to have that done!

  3. Oh Iris, it looks so nice. The blue is such a refreshing color. The fishing net is such a hoot. I would be one of those people who would need the glasses. A thought: What if you decoupaged the rest of the thank you notes to a separate piece of wood and attached them to the base of the desk. Attach them in a way that you can always take it down effortlessly if you ever want to change it. The thank you notes are surely a treasure. I hope all is well!

  4. Janice Gravelines

    I wish Neil had a conference or something in the east – give me a chance to visit the Wayfarer and see everything first-hand. You could send out those tattoos to your friends you know.

    • hehe, Janice, you should come. Doughnut and HB are coming in September for a week.

      As for tattoos, you can have some but you must wear them like an eye patch or on your bicep (sp?)

      • Janice Gravelines

        I’d love to come – but getting there costs as much as flying to Europe! Unless Donut and the Bear want to pick me up….

        • Or you could tell Neil that there is a moderator meeting/retreat at the Wayfarer and he should drive you down here. Golf is really big in our area. You know we have the top #25 golf course in the world, a.k.a. # 10 golf course in the US right here, don’tcha?

  5. Honey, the room looks great. Sammy & I hope to see you & Michael real soon.

  6. Cute, fresh, inviting!

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