Now we know that summer has finally arrived.  The weather has been so beautiful and the forecast promises more of the same for the week. Temps to be in the 70’s.
We’ve had a busy week here at the Wayfarer. We had our first  regular guests come and stay for the week and weekend.

Friends came from far and wide to say goodbye to a friend.

It was a beautiful day when we gathered at one of Bill’s favorite places – along the Betsie Valley Trail

6 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Yes good bye and good riddance to the cold weather!!! We have rain in the forecast today, but looks like the rest of the week is going to be beautiful. I just might get to plant some posies this week. Yippee!

  2. What a lovely spot to have a memorial. Wonderful way to celebrate the life, instead of the death.

  3. I thought for a brief moment that you were saying goodbye to blogging. YIKES! Thank goodness that wasn’t the case. 🙂

    • hehe, I thought that someone might think that. But – no such luck. Although I must say that I am somewhat stumped and don’t quite know what to write about. Things tend to get repetitive.

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