“Snow/Rain Mix” –

I am disappointed that the weather woman was right about this weekend’s weather.  It is cold, rainy and there is some snow coming along with the rain as well.  In my mind, this is fall weather.

To brighten up the day I will post some more pictures that I took the other day in Arcadia.

Arcadia is a beautiful, sleepy, little village.  No businesses so to speak of.  You’ll find a gas station, a realty office, a gift store there and of course the obligatory village pub.  Arcadia’s pub is called “The big Apple” and it has changed owners as often as we change our clothes.  After the Grocery store with the blind butcher closed, it really got quiet there.  It is easy to miss Arcadia when traveling on M-22 from Manistee to Frankfort or visa-versa.  The road goes through the east side of town and all the pretty stuff is hidden west of M-22.

14 thoughts on ““Snow/Rain Mix” –

  1. Joyce Ochowicz

    Cold and rainy here, too, but no snow. I almost got my winter hat and gloves out when I took the puppy outside! Arcadia is really pretty. Can’t wait to take a look for myself. I love taking back roads when I travel. So much more interesting than the freeways.

  2. Lovely.

  3. At least we didn’t get a foot of snow!! It is cold & fall-like, though. Love your pics. The town looks idyllic.

  4. Janice Gravelines

    We suffered through that cold last week – it must be moving eastward. Good news though – today is beautiful here – so it will be coming your way soon. Isn’t it interesting how weather always seems to move west to east? When in snows in Spring I am always reminded of one of the “Anne” books where she says “snow in Spring is like a slap in the face when you expect a kiss”. Very true. Arcadia looks like a postcard. Happy Mother’s Day Frau Iris – have those boys mix up the martinis and serve you today.

    • Well, here is how my morning went. Last night one of the “lost boys” asked if he could spend another night here and then he promised to make me breakfast in bed. And as I suspected, it was an empty promise and really, who wants breakfast in bed served by someone elses kid? He should have been home burning toast for his own mother.
      The boys took me out to breakfast and I paid for it? No, not really, their father paid… I am confuseled and need a Martini – BOYSSSSSSS

      Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Llama

      p.s. it is indeed sunny but not nearly warm enough. You were right.


  6. shelley brown

    Happy Mom’s Day Iris! Hope you had a good one!

  7. Hey Iris!

    What a beautiful place, even on a rainy day too.

    I’ll be sure to mix your a martini and all the guests a drink on my visit over Memorial Day! I will be sure to bring my portable bar!


  8. Happy Mother’s Day, a day late! Hooray for breakfast, especially the kind you don’t have to cook your self. 🙂

    Good grief it was cold and nasty here too this weekend, and I am not talking about the weather. Hockey season ended early for us this year. 😦

    • Oh boy, I was worried about you and the guys after hearing about your team’s demise. This is not good in a puck hat household and I am sorry for that.
      Happy Mother’s Day to you too, tootsie

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