How to enjoy a day

That’s easy- down with the linens,  put away the cleaning bucket and go for a ride out to Putney’s Nursery in Arcadia.  After all, the weather is so nice and it is time to fill the flower boxes on the cottages. I didn’t get lucky at the nursery, instead I had a blast taking these pictures for you.
I walked along the beach of Lake Michigan and around the orchards and drove all over Arcadia.

Then I went home and pretended to have worked hard all day.

click on each picture once to expand it and then again to see all the details!

11 thoughts on “How to enjoy a day

  1. We can go again this weekend if you want. I’m looking for some stuff too.

  2. Beautiful pictures Iris. You’re lucky to live in paradise.

  3. Joyce Ochowicz

    Iris, I’m having beach envy! As for plants, aren’t you worried about more frost? I want to plant my garden but my dad always said wait until after May 15. And, did I hear a rumor that S _ _W is expected for Northern Michigan this weekend? Bah humbug!

    • I know to wait, Joyce, but I am not a very patient person. We usually have heavy frosts until mid to late June here and I should know better. Pansies will do until summer. They always do 😉

  4. Janice Gravelines

    I’m just testing out that this is working for me again.

  5. I never let the fact that I don’t have anything pithy to say stop me. Hehehe

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