I spent most of the day today in the car. Going here and there, being the chauffeur for the boys
who wanted to go to the paintball field. After that we went to Traverse City for several reasons.
Then back to pick up the boys and drop some of them here and others there.
On the last leg of my travels I watched this one cloud.
A cloud, miles long, looking like a drum of sorts.
I have never seen one like this before.
Maybe I have never paid attention?

it gets better…

That cloud was so low, we actually could feel it pushing down on us as we drove under it.

Standing at Franke Dentistry, on 115, to get these pictures

So, what do you think?Β  Have you seen this sort of cloud before?

20 thoughts on “Stratocumulus

  1. WOW! That’s a cool cloud!

  2. YES! I have seen that kind of cloud before, but, only here in Michigan. Truly spectacular. πŸ™‚ Nice job capturing it.

  3. most likely a nimbo-stratus, round smooth cloud found under 7000 ft. usually found ahead of cold fronts!!! fyi

    • Ok, Josh tell me was my cloud title wrong then or are they interchangable?
      Because this is all I could find yesterday.
      And indeed it was somewhat cooler today.

      • stratocumulus clouds are found in the same altitude range (usually a little higher) but nothing you would notice from ground level, the main difference is the color , density and ”edge” of the cloud. nimbo-stratus is a little lower in altitude most of the time, a little thicker as far as density and has a darker hue to it. there is also a more defined edge to nibo-status clouds than a stratocumulus or cumulus cloud πŸ™‚

        • Thanks for that, Josh,
          you must be a weather watcher

          • spatz’s bread will grace your presence in the near future. the traditional “old german” style, that is. hope all is well. we will certainly be seeing you often in the next few months as fireworks season edges closer. I look forward to having a glass, I mean bottle of home made wine that is currently fermenting.!!

  4. Susan Filipiak


    Thanks for sharing! That’s what I love about your beautiful area – incredible views and horizons. Keep sharing.


  5. Iris, it looks like a giant wave coming in from the ocean. Scary.

    • It was exactly like that, Robbyn. It felt like a wave and it felt heavy/oppressive. We could almost touch it and the temperature dropped dramatically under that cloud. Amazing.

  6. shelley brown

    Did it bring any rain?

    • Yup, it did. I think it actually started to drip from the sky that very night. We’ve had rain every evening and night since then. Thank goodness it stops mid morning and the sun comes out in a big way πŸ™‚

  7. Amazing cloud! Glad you had your camera nearby. Any clouds bringing you snow today?

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