Pizza for Dinner…

…is what brought us into town this evening.  We picked up the pies, stashed them away in the car and decided to take a walk up Main Street in Frankfort, heading for the beach. We saw a whole lot of good stuff. So without further ado –

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The weather today was perfect for a long walk.  And on the way we saw a lot of friends that were doing the same thing – enjoy the beach and a walk through town.  So much so that we got stopped numerous times to chat and give opinions, hehe – Kelly Stapleton stopped in the middle of Main Street to ask me if I thought that her truck made her look fat :mrgreen:

8 thoughts on “Pizza for Dinner…

  1. shelley brown

    Great pictures! Green grass, beautiful houses and one crazy person on a paddleboard! Wet suit or not, that water is too cold!

  2. Beautiful pictures Iris! Makes me want to be at the beach right now with a good book!

  3. Well, what about the pizza????

    • Hmmm… it was kind of warmish when we got home. Boys don’t care, they eat the stuff right out of the fridge in the mornings, right?
      I don’t eat pizza, so I kinda dinnnent care, heehee

  4. Hehehe, silly me, I forgot.

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