The 411 – I got it

I have totally new news!

Frankfort is losing a breakfast spot and gaining a shnazzy new restaurant.
Huge remodel is on the way and it was whispered that
Betsie Bay Furniture
will take care of the interior decorating.
That means that the restaurant not only serves up a feast for your tummy, it’s also a feast for your eyes.

I have a feeling this is the last we’ll see of that exterior.
I was never keen on it, somehow looks like something that was supposed
to be in Gaylord’s Alpine inspired neighborhood.

I, for one, cannot wait to eat there at the Bayview Grille.
Hold on to your seats people — there will be outdoor seating


I know more about the building next door to this one

but I don’t know if I am allowed to tell you yet.

16 thoughts on “The 411 – I got it

  1. That looks like the old Hungry Tummy Pizza place. That was good pizza. I never knew it by Celia’s by the Bay.

    • Hi Jim,
      When we moved here in 1995, this was a 24 hour restaurant and I have to admit, it never made me want to go in there, so we didn’t. I know they were famous for having broasted chicken, whatever that is.
      Then it stood empty for a while and someone opened it as a buffet for a couple of months and closed up again and then it was Celia’s. Pretty much the only place besides the A&W that served bacon and eggs in Frankfort. I am so excited about more big city food coming our way. I cross my fingers that they make a big splash.

  2. The Hungry Tummy was really good! Never went to it as Celia’s. I’m glad to hear they are remodeling and changing things! There aren’t enough good restaurants in Frankfort.

  3. Now tell us about next door………………..

  4. No one will ever know…..

  5. Ooh, this is all very exciting. I do hope you will keep us up to date and furnish us with pictures through out the renovation…:)

  6. The new owners are friends of mine and soon will be friends of yours. Can’t wait to visit and eat at Bayview Grill!

  7. Hello All,
    I am the General Manager for Bayview Grille. Chef Toms and I are both Frankfort Natives. Toms recently graduated from the culinary institute at Northwestern Michigan College. My parents (Bob & Shelley Fast) sold their business called Harbor Shores to Celia’s By the Bay back in 04’ since then I have worked and managed at the Coho Café downtown Frankfort. Although Toms and I are both young we bring a lot of experience to the table. Both Chef and I are very excited to work for Dale& Jill. We hope to see everyone in June!!

  8. “Junk store” indeed! I rent a display case in there, and MY antiques, at least, are surely not junk; instead, they’re exquisite items of the rarest kind.

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