Forget the fake stuff. No matter how much money you spend at any given store for aroma, you can’t get it right unless you actually bake that apple pie, wash that white laundry or  have those flowers  in the house.  You must walk through the meadows and along the shorelines to smell the meadow-y or the beach-y smell we all love.  Anything else is a waste of money.  I can’t wait to drive through the cherry orchards, the apple orchards, through the woods to get my very own aromatherapy.

Go outside people and enjoy what you have. And if you live where there’s nothing good to smell,
come up here to Benzie County and stay with me at the Wayfarer.
But don’t come into my kitchen because my nose just discovered a rotten lemon, blech!

Subliminal message? 😆

Smell the beach

smell the water

smell the trees

And here are some guests sitting down, smelling the proverbial roses,
enjoying some vino and cheese.
That’s how you relax!

I took a first look inside the cottages today and I must say, I am getting excited about having people come and stay next week.

21 thoughts on “Aromatherapy!

  1. OOh OOhh, I know those guests!! And I can almost smell the beach, and the trees. But right now I am smelling my own vino…:)

  2. I have a head cold so I am smelling through your pictures with my eyes…thanks I needed it.

  3. Sorry honey, but it sounds like the winter vacation is over.

  4. Well that just means we’ll be seeing you soon.
    which is good for our soul.

  5. Disneyfreak78

    I love your blog, it’s so beautiful. You’re an amazing photographer!

    Your town is so picturesque, like in a movie. One day I’m going to book a reservation and stay at your place. How far is the closest airport?

    If I come stay there will I get homemade cookies? 🙂

    • Look who’s back 🙂 Thank you.
      The nearest airport is Traverse City of -NO1 place in the US to live!!- fame
      It’s 30 miles north east of here. and….yes, you can get cookies. Even homemade ones.

  6. Hey Iris and the gang!

    I can’t wait to pack up the beemer and head up there and see all of my Wayfarer friends!! I was going to make Memorial Day my first trip up there, but I think it may need to be sooner!

    Perhaps I come up there on a warm spring afternoon around 1PM and after my 5 hour trip, I will take the best nap ever, leave my windows open with the breeze blowing through and the sounds of the afternoon passing by. Then I will wake up around 4PM for cocktail hour! You better be ready for a good martini! haha.

    Joe from Chicago

    • You are that arch typical guest – really!
      This is how I want everyone to experience their stay.
      So good to hear from you, the Wayfarer’s favorite bachelor.
      Come on up and enjoy

      • Thank you for the compliment!

        I can’t wait to come up there…..I always read your blog and Benzie county on Wikipedia while eating my quick morning breakfast here at my desk.

        I can hear the calm setting of the Wayfarer right now!

        I can’t wait to be up there soon!


  7. Speaking of lemons– Meyer lemons are available this time of year, at least in foodie Ann Arbor. They are medium in size and sweet, a sort of cross between an orange and a lemon. For a real taste treat slide thin slices of Meyer lemon under the skin of Cornish hens, rub the birds with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper, and roast at 425 for half an hour, then 350 for twenty minutes. Allow to rest before serving. Meanwhile, grab some of the just picked asparagus from the farmers market (!) and roast that too (12 min.)with a wee bit of olive oil, S & P, and a tiny bit of minced garlic. Your kitchen will smell like spring. 🙂

    • I have heard so much about these wonderful lemons, I wish I could put my 2 cents into this discussion. Sadly, we live where we live and fresh asparagus is about the most exciting thing here right now 😦
      However, I have noted the recipe, Mr. Phipps. Thank you~

      p.s. is that what you’ll be feeding to my hungry sister in law?

  8. Janice Gravelines

    I know those guests!!!

    Oh – this isn’t the contest?

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