Contest Time!

Hi every one.  It’s been a long time since
Adventures of an Innkeeper
had a contest AND, we are celebrating the fact that now, if you haven’t already bookmarked the blog’s address,
you can type and get here too.

This time the price is really fantabulous, if I do say so myself.

So, here’s what we’re going to do:

Find the answer to:
What is the name of the movie theater in Frankfort?

Or simply just post a comment of whatever you want to say.
The contest closes this coming Sunday, April 11th, 2010.

At that time I will take everyone’s entry and throw them in a hat.
Enter/comment as many times as you want in the Contest post.
Good luck!

Oh, you would like to know what you’re going to win? hehe

The book that I showed you in this post

83 thoughts on “Contest Time!

  1. Christine Tilley

    Gosh I’ve been away so long! This is fun. This is what I have found.
    Garden Theater – Frankfort301 West Main Street, Frankfort, MI 49635, (231)3527561

    I plan to catch up on the rest of the posts that I have missed in the last few weeks. Keep up the good work Iris!!

  2. I thought I would be the first to answer!! Garden Theatre!

    Love reading your posts!

  3. Christine Tilley

    I feel bad. I cheated. I Googled. I take myself out of the running. 🙂

  4. Ahh, they beat me to it!
    The Garden Theater!

  5. It’s the Garden Theater!

  6. You said, “just say something,” so OK….

    The God of Thunder rode to war
    upon his favorite filly.
    “I’m Thor!” he cried,
    and the horse replied,
    You forgot your thaddle, thilly!

  7. I remembered all on my own, Frankfort Garden Theater, but does it count since so many beat me to it???

  8. And here I was, planning to steal Christine’s answer. 🙂 The book looks beautiful. Is that one of your photos in the second picture?

    • None of the pictures are mine. There were 9 photographers from all over the U.S. they took part in a contest for the Pure Michigan campaign. One of them stayed with us at the Wayfarer for a week and he didn’t win the contest but some of his pictures are in the book and of course they are from this area.

  9. Gloria Ladley

    The Garden Theater!!! Of course I Googled it and I had no idea by the way that you had a blog. I keep trying to get mine going, but not too terribly successful.

    P.S. are you on Facebook? You would get loads of hits I bet if you did!!

    • Hi Gloria.
      Yes, I post to facebook and twitter from here as well. I have a bunch of entries sitting in my email. some people didn’t read through to the end or don’t want to comment out loud.
      How is Kevin?

  10. “The Garden Theater” …according to their webpage at least.

  11. Cindy, Dearborn

    The name of the theater in Frankfort is called the Garden Theatre…just maybe I have a chance! 🙂

  12. The Garden Theater…how many times have you been there? 12

  13. OK! OK!!! It’s the Garden Theater! I’m blogging just for you Iris!! :>))

  14. shelley brown

    The Garden Theater!
    I see Rowanna has been there 12 times. I never kept count… it’s got me wondering….

  15. Well, the Garden Theater, of course. BTW, it must be spring. In the mailbox tonight was a fly fishing catalog from Cabela’s. Fishing catalogs and gardening catalogs are the best fiction, I think.

    Top of the line graphite fly rods are pushing the $700 mark. Somehow I don’t think those little trout I catch would be impressed. 😉

    • No, the trout might not be impressed but the fishermen fishing next to the one holding that graphite rod might think “Well looky here, Mr. Fooffoffnick with his fancy equipment…”

  16. It’s the Garden Theatre…of course I’m way late with the response but can’t get on blogs at work. I wish you a great season ahead, and will see you in about five months for this year’s NMGE!

  17. My friend Art, who cannot be persuaded to post comments and always just sends them to me, wrote the following:

    “A better question–why on earth did they name it that? Was there ever a garden in front of it? Or did weeds grow in the dust inside before it was cleaned two years ago? A”

    🙂 too funny. Had to be posted!

  18. Would that be the Garden Theater on Main St.?

  19. Is it the Garden Theater on Main St.?

    I was going to say the hot dog theater, but I know that it is wrong (I know, wrong spelling… just thought it was cute).

  20. Hi Iris! Its so nice of you to think of us! I unfortunately don’t have internet at our house anymore (too $$$ right now!) I think of you and all the MBers often! I do lurk from my cell phone, but posting is so annoying! I posted some new pictures of the boys on the blog today! Hope all is well!

    ❤ Megan

  21. The Garden Theater. I looked through my pictures to find the name…I should have just looked here. I guess that would be cheating though, huh?! Anyway the pictures made me excited to come back!

    • Heather!!! we were just talking about you (nicely) yesterday.
      I hope you had a good winter and that you’ll be visiting soon…

      • Aww, thanks Iris! You’re the best! I want to come see some pretty wild flowers…when is the best time? Did I mention that theater is called the Garden Theater! 🙂

        • 😆 Heather, the best time would be anytime. But truthfully mid May through the summer.
          And yes, I believe you mentioned the theater’s name as well as several other people, heehee

  22. The Garden theater of Frankfort

  23. The Garden Theater of course.
    Thanks for keeping this blog up. I check your site often. Still trying to pin my son down for a date of when he can take vacation. We want to him and his wife to see the Frankfort area. Thought we would rent two cabins. I can’t wait. I miss Frankfort so much. Will be calling soon. Save some cabins for us.
    Oh, yea don’t forget to put my name in the drawing. I would love that book. Will have to buy it if we don’t win.

    Happy Springtime!

  24. The is my first time a blogging. Not sure I’m doing it correctly. You should create a film on how to Blog on your web site and have it play at the Garden theater. Frank Beier

    • Frank, you’re a master at it already. All it takes is typing and pushing buttons and making sure that everybody in the whole wide world can see what you have to say.
      Thank you!
      See now, you have 2 chances to get that book 😉

  25. Not sure how to blog

  26. Joyce Ochowicz

    The Garden Theater (and I Googled it, too!). Hope to see you some time this summer and I’ll probably bring my new puppy named Betsie–after Pt. Betsie!


  27. susan filipiak

    The Garden Theater 🙂

    I love looking at your blog, Iris! And so enjoy the pictures. Can’t wait to come up for a visit.


  28. Well, I bet the theater name is The Garden Theater…

    Hope to see you real soon. Take care.

    PS, Hard to believe its nearly 30 years when you, Mike, walked into that ET shop at Petaluma! Good God!

  29. The Garden Theater which was built in 1923 and has had some major restoration work done recently. Got to love the internet! Looking forward to seeing a movie there this summer and staying at the little cottages!

  30. of course it is the garden theater. i believe i spent many more nights watching movies then row did.(here i am iris)

  31. Iris:

    I have never seen a movie in Frankfort. They
    have a theater too.

    Is there a show on April 22, 2010.


  32. Ahhh, northern Michigan simply divine!

  33. I know this one – Garden Theatre…
    Looking forward to seeing you SOON!!!

  34. Bernard Haxel

    The Garden Theater

  35. The Garden Theater.
    It’s been years ago that we last went to the garden theater.
    Is it still open?
    We will check it out this fall when we come up on a fishing trip.

  36. I cheated too, Google is my friend. The Garden Theater.

  37. Beth VanDerVeer

    Of course, it’s the Garden Theater, though we haven’t seen it since the renovation. Definitely, this season! Will it be open on Memorial Weekend?

  38. Jeez! Why did I bother to Google it first? Could have come here and copied the answer. It’s the Garden Theater! Or Theatre. You are lucky to have a theater in your town. You are so lucky. I suggest that only those people who don’t have theaters in their town should be eligible to win the contest. LOL! (You see, we have more time to read the book and look at the photos because we can’t go to theaters…)

    • hehe! made you google 😛

      I should have checked with you first to see what sort of rules we need to put into place for this contest. I should call them giveaways. We’ll try that next time.

      Your name goes in the big, black hat! Good luck, it’s a beautiful book

  39. Anything good playing this weekend at the Garden Theater in Frankfort?! 🙂

  40. Hello Iris. I have to admit I don’t know the name of the move theatre…and I’ve never actually been to Michigan, except on layovers. But I do like the idea of a contest! I will definitely employ something like that soon, when Im able to secure some free green schwag. Thanks for the idea!

  41. Okey dokey people, the contest is closed.
    Thank you for participating. I will announce the winner tonight.

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