I am excited – you might be too

Dear friends,  a brand new book is coming my way and I would like to give it to one of my readers who loves Michigan as much as I do.  You might remember the Pure Michigan sponsored photo contest from last year.  This book is a compilation of all of the best photos that were submitted by various photographers staying here in Benzie County and elsewhere around the state.

The book has arrived in book stores – Merri Heffelfinger, from the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, saw it at Borders the other day…I have one coming and I want you to have it.

Here’s the crux of the story, I cannot think of anything to ask you.  However, I have wet your appetite. Keep looking  for the contest because as soon as I think of something good, the contest begins.

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8 thoughts on “I am excited – you might be too

  1. I am very excited but I will not wait for the contest! I am going to my Borders and see if they have the book here. 🙂

  2. Looks like a GREAT book. I am looking forward to the contest!

  3. Ok, I will play along!

  4. Ok, we are waiting…:p

    • I know, sometime today or tomorrow!!
      I am waiting to get my contact list of the old computer and transferred, finally after 9 months, to this one, so that I can notify more readers than just you and the other one :mrgreen:

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