The Elberta Waterfront Park

There are some interesting things to be seen. I have no idea what some of them are but, if I could, I’d take them and put them in the backyard. Here, look for yourself

First, the refurbished Lifesaving Station. I took that picture from the porch of the Trick Dog Gallery, which is not open for business yet.

The Lifesaving Station can be rented for events like weddings and family reunions.  There’s a beautiful kitchen for catering



Things sticking out of the ground – that could hurt if anyone is strolling through the area in the dark 😉

This contraption is a leftover from the times when the car ferry was still in business. It was used to unload cars?

What do you say to that?  Pretty nice for the first day of spring, huh?

10 thoughts on “The Elberta Waterfront Park

  1. I love the Trick Dog Gallery! What a fun place….and what a beautiful place you live in.

  2. Hey! I’m pretty sure that bird is a star. Didn’t I see it and it’s partner on LIFE last night? 🙂

  3. Angie, I loved the Trick Dog Gallery too. I saw a car with Trick Dog bumper sticker on it, and I felt compelled to follow the person!

  4. Ivanka, I know what you mean, there are Trick Dog bumper stickers all over Ann Arbor. I just want to go up and start talking to them.

  5. Oh, its far too late for me to stop now…

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