First Signs of Life

What fun to see the snow disappearing!  We’ve had a lot of rain yesterday and through the night.  Most of the snow is now gone. What’s left is this strange-looking, white stuff with a lot of debris on top.  Sometimes that “strange-looking, white stuff” is still there many weeks after the big thaw and when you touch it, it’s dry and powdery. It is only white-ish dirt.

Things that grow on this property are usually 4 weeks behind everyone else.  The Irises bloom in late June,  Daffodils are here in late May…
We are late bloomers 🙂
Imagine my surprise when I saw the first signs of life as I was coming back from pushing  garbage cans to the road.


The first signs of life


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “First Signs of Life

  1. You crack me up!!!!
    You have a great weekend too!

  2. Christine Tilley

    Uh, Maintenance Mike needs to repair the petals of that one flower. hee-hee

  3. Oh, yes, we have had a good bit of rain on this side of Michigan, and I found the beginnings of some daffodils today! Having lived here in Michigan for almost 13 years now, I know better than to think winter is over, but, I am hoping that it will be over sooner, rather than later. 🙂

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