The Good Stuff

I didn’t know it when I drove by,
that there was a sale going on at

“The Good Stuff”

“Experienced Quality Household Furnishings”

the other day on my way to drop Ty off at his girlfriend’s house.  On my way back, I stopped in!!

Of course you know that I found something there for the cottages.  I find something I need every time I go there.  Even when I purposely don’t take the check book,  I find things and then call Mike to come over and bring it :).
Mike wasn’t available, luckily or maybe it should be seen as sadly,  I had some cash on me…

This time “everything is 50% off”, the shopkeeper told me as I entered.

I found stuff for the walls of one cottage.  For a while now I have been looking for “paint by numbers” art on ebay and elsewhere but have come up with and won only one bid for a  painting of flowers so far.  At The Good Stuff I found several reproductions of paintings of flowers.


I was thinking this little dining set might look nice in cottage 4.  – Helloooooo, it’s half off.  I will take another look at it in a couple of days.

15 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. I love that table set…it is a must have.

  2. Yes…why are you waiting a couple of days??

  3. Where is this beautful shop? I’ve never been and the stuff looks wonderful.

    • Hi Susan,
      It is located right on 31 and 115, directly next to the Wesco station. It’s a yellow one story building. I suppose it would have been smart of me to take a picture of the outside. Next time I go by there, guess what I’ll do…

  4. What a quaint shop!! I liked the coverlets on the beds. 🙂

  5. shelley brown

    Want…need…what’s the difference?!

  6. Janice Gravelines

    I know nobody’s life is perfect Iris, but yours looks pretty darn idyllic!

  7. I Like it to Iris. Like Don says, You’ll never see a Brinks truck following a funeral procession. It’s just money, Go buy it.

  8. Mike "The Maintenance Guy

    Kay – Iris is oblivious about money – ask her if she has EVER balanced her checkbook….. I/WE make it and SHE spends it… Isn’t that the recipe for a perfect marriage?? Works for us…..

  9. Kim of the Chamber

    Mike, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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