I used to sell Alpaca – things made from Alpaca wool.  Have I told you that already?   I managed a store in Germany that sold everything Alpaca.  Dreamy coats and the most beautiful wraps, tops and throws.   Anyway,  so today coming back from shopping in Benzonia, the Alpaca were out at

Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm

on River Road.  They enjoyed the sunshine see:



They were busy grazing and had their heads down, so I whistled and some heads snapped up 🙂
These guys look so cuddly, one could just run over there and pick one up to take home .

What lazy lives they have.  Eat, drink, get a haircut now and then…And then I went home and made dinner – beef stew with biscuits!  Cooked it for hours with some really good stuff in  it. Yumm

9 thoughts on “Alpaca

  1. Christine Tilley

    I love these interesting places that you have around you! Keep posting them. I love to “see” your part of the world through your eyes. BTW, Beef Stew is my all time favorite comfort food!

    • Oh man, that beef stew was sooooo good. It included almost half a bottle of Good Harbor’s Fishtown white wine. Everything tastes better when cooked with wine or bubbly. YUMMMMM

      Now, how come I cannot lose any weight?

  2. I did not know that you sold alpaca things. I don’t think you ever mentioned that before.

    Is it hard to take care of? Smelly when wet?

    Of course the stew was yummy. And, even if it didn’t, who would have known with all that wine? haha!

    • Ivanka! back in action. Happy to see that.

      No, I don’t believe there is smell, well, wool smell. After all, it is spun hair = wool.
      It is the most amazing material, never too warm or not warm enough, light weight and extremely expensive. More so than camel hair.

      Ummmmm, yes wine in stew, and roasts, and sauce….My kids have been winos since birth. I am afraid, I rarely cook without the liquid goodness and have just recently learned that the alcohol really does not cook out of the stuff, no matter how long you boil it :mrgreen:

  3. I was so busy making beef stew and biscuits the other day I didn’t have time to look at your blog until this afternoon.
    Great minds or what?

  4. How come I didn’t get invited to a great dinner like that?

  5. Ok…next time I should come up a day early?

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