6 thoughts on “You can tell by the shadows…

  1. I bet that is one cold chicken! I just love to see the sunshine on a winter’s day, there is something so hopeful about it. 🙂

  2. Oh, love those shadows on snow so much. Hey, thanks for being daring and putting your comment on that zillion hits blog. (Still recovering from that…) My new blog wasn’t getting THAT many hits, so no need to be envious. It was more averaging about 120/day. It was the old blog that was getting a lot. I have a goal to quit checking stats at all…but that’s kind of like swearing off chocolate chips cookies, LOL.

  3. Wow Kathy, just out of curiosity, there must have been 1000 hits for that day alone. It was a very good blog!

    Good luck giving up the stats. For some reason they grabbed me from day one.

    • You’re not going to believe the numbers. I am still in utter shock. 5,800 in 24 hours. Never seen anything like it before–felt like a tidal wave–but am still living. Glad to hear there’s another stats-a-holic out there. 🙂

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