Pictures from the bridge

As I came back from my daily grocery shopping spree in Frankfort,  and I was half way across Betsie Bay, something suddenly grabbed me and I pulled over.   I stopped to take a picture or two or three.  There wasn’t much traffic, the school buses had already delivered their treasures – it was ok to stop.

Betise Bay with marshmallow topping a.k.a. ice floes :mrgreen:

Looking in the direction of the red barn on M-22


Looking towards the Cabbage Shed in Elberta

Looking toward Frankfort



And here we are looking towards the house of my friends Kathy and Jan

See the house on top of the dune?  That house belongs to Rena Rose and her husband, whose name I cannot recall at the moment. Strange, huh?

9 thoughts on “Pictures from the bridge

  1. The sky looks so blue! And I love that I know where the Cabbage Shed is!

    • Oh, the cabbage shed, yes, I should talk about it. But first I have to find out why this Elberta “hot spot” is called that.

      • Here is information on The Cabbage Shed ~

        “We were here
        before you were born.”

        Since 1867, in fact, when George A. Douglas built the town’s first general merchandise store on this site. Mr. Douglas became the first postmaster and his store housed the first post office, known as the South Frankfort Post Office.

        In 1887 Nils Glarum and Leonard Classens bought the store. A contemporary described the operation “. . . they carry in stock almost everything in the line of general merchandise and deal in cord-wood and hemlock bark . . . keeping a dozen teams on the road to South Frankfort Shipping Docks. . Mr. Classens supervises the inside while Mr. Glarum makes everything outside hustle.” Supplies were shipped in by sailing schooner.

        In the 1920’s the Benzie County Fruit Exchange, a farmer’s cooperative, operated out of the building which was then called Glarum’s Warehouse.

        It was in the 1930’s when the warehouse was stacked floor to ceiling with cabbage for shipment by rail, that it became known as the “Cabbage Shed”. When Jim Clapp acquired the building in 1972 he considered many names for the restaurant of his dream, but tradition prevailed and The Cabbage Shed was resurrected.

        Opening day was August 31, 1985.

  2. thanks for the wondeful pics! my dad lives in benzie and your blog and pics help me feel that i am not so far away. happy wednesday

  3. Thanks, Iris, for posting pics of my favorite places up north. Such beautiful winterscapes!

    And, of course, sunsets are the best on the lake.

    When do you open in the spring?


  4. If I remember correctly the Cabbage Shed used to be where they stored vegetables that were shipped on the car ferries.

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