Shiver by the River, people

The 2nd. annual

‘Shiver by the River’

takes place this weekend.
Last week,
the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce
held a silent auction to benefit this event.

There were some beautiful original photographs of the area and original paintings.
The one of the red zinnia is mine now :mrgreen:
And I believe that I also got a photo in a frame.  All of these things will be hung
on cottage walls come April 12 or a little before then.
The Wayfarer will re-open on April 12th.

Last year it was a little scary when suddenly there was not enough snow and the little snow that we had,
had started to melt and it was dirty. A lot of people with ploughs on their trucks
and the worker of the City of Frankfort scraped together
all the snow they could find.
In the end, it all worked out, the snow cross was a success for everyone.


It has been snowing for the last two days and we have a good amount of snow, I think.

The motels in the area are open,  come and have a fun weekend.
Stay where ever you want to, but promise to come back and stay at the Wayfarer, ok?!

There was something going on…

… in Traverse City this past weekend.  There were ice sculptures everywhere.




Mike and I and Lee and her Roger decided to try out a restaurant on Front Street, that was completely new to us.  It’s been around for maybe a year or so, we just never made it there until Valentine’s Day.
What?   Oh the restaurant’s name is

Red Ginger

Very nice Asian inspired food.  We had a good time there but didn’t exactly like their dessert menu so we got our coats from the “hat check girl”  (it was a guy, actually)  and walked across the street to the Chocolate Bar in the front of the house at ‘Phil’s on Front’.  That place, like every other restaurant, was packed to the gills with Valentine’s celebrants. We were patient and got a good seat.

Heehee, and since Lee and I and various other friends had been there 3 times in the last two weeks, we thought it only nice if Phil would pose for a picture.  Well, he agreed but his face shows how much he didn’t like the idea :0

This picture cracks me up 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Phil and his wife)

And that about sums up our Valentine’s Day dinner and enjoyment.

Cookies for Lee

Lee is having a baby shower for a friend and she asked me to bake cookies for that afternoon – So I did 🙂

Lemon Shortbread cookies, yummmmm.

(I took this picture in the dining room)


This picture was taken in the kitchen.
Amazing how different the light is
Almost finished, they just need a finishing touch…

And here they are all finished and sparkly

Pretty, if I do say so myself and they smell so buttery and sweet.


And then I packed them all individually, but not until I had printed the little tags that Lee requested


That was fun 🙂