The Barber Shop

Elberta’s barber shop –

I see the inside of it allllllllll the time.  I am there because Marc needs his hair cut every 2 weeks and then Ty, occasionally, needs a haircut as well.

This is Joel, he took over for Phil who likes to go hunting and fishing and that’s exactly what he does with all his time now.
The boys have been going to this place since they were 2 years old and I always loved the interaction between the much older Phil and them. Marc always wanted a Mohawk and Phil wouldn’t give it to him because he was afraid of mother’s wrath.

Well now Joel will let him have what he wants…

I hate it but there isn’t much I can do about that now, is there? – the boy is 16!

Here he’s giving me that “na-na-na-na-naaaaa-na” look

I took some pictures out of the windows.  Betsie Bay is not really frozen any more.

Ice floes – everywhere you look.  Polar bears would love it here!

And then I went home and found these great new re-usable shopping bags with my latest Disney obsession:

Alice in Wonderland

An acquaintance from New York City went to the World of Disney store for me and sent them to me.  How very sweet.

All together I own 4 bags from Disney now.  My friend Ivanka sent me one a long time ago.  I can see that I need to devote a whole blog to my shopping habits :mrgreen:
I have the shnazziest shopping bags in town.

8 thoughts on “The Barber Shop

  1. Those pictures of the bay are wonderful and yes I would love to see all of your snazzzy shopping bags. Wish I could have come home this weekend…maybe next weekend.

    • Lemme tellya toots, it was treacherous out there this evening. We had to go half way to Crystal Mountain and pick up Tyler around 9PM – there was a white out of epic proportions. I hid my face in my coat. SCARRY.

      To make an endless story short, it was smart of you to stay put!

  2. I can’t wait to see the new movie Alice in Wonderland! I’m sure it will be very entertaining!
    I hope you weren’t the one driving when you hid your face in your coat….

  3. Your son looks very handsome but wow the haircuts between the two I’m sure are a bit costly!
    I am anxious to see the new Disney Alice movie!!! My husband says “no way” to him it looks scary and he doesn’t like scary.

    • Well, that’s why we go to the Barber and not the hair salon 🙂

      I don’t know about scary. It’s a Tim Burton movie, so there’s always that weird twist. But who wants to miss a Johnny Depp performance?
      Grab a girlfriend and go see it, Pam

  4. I love barbershops. Something so nostalgic and comfortable about them.

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