Trailers and sleds and snow – oh my

So, the parking lot by the public boat launch in Frankfort has not seen
such traffic since late fall. There were trailers and vehicles EVERYWHERE.

I don’t believe that I have ever seen so many “sleds” as I have today.



Get ready, set, GO!!

Round and round and round they go and jump so high into the air 😮

But enough of this and on to some real fun – shoppppppppiiiing!

The stores were full with shoppers and the restaurants were standing room only for a while.

The first window that caught my eye was that of Classens shoe store.
Much like the cartoon like windows of Pam Dow’s store “It’s the Berries”,
Classens had these cartooney over-sized cutouts of shoes and bags in the window.


just look at these, aren’t they fun?

Next was Mariah’s store – Hull’s of Frankfort


Then across the street and into the Crescent Bakery.
The one that was used in one of the scenes in the movie ‘Youth in Revolt’.

And there is Fran, filling a bag full with their ‘rustic rolls’, yummmmmmm

And that’s it for tonight. I will tell you about a new store tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Trailers and sleds and snow – oh my

  1. The snowmobile racer in the air…….WOW! Please tell Mariah to wrap up the green throw. I’ll take it!

  2. Earlier this week, you showed your snow as a pristine canvas for little critter feet. Today, as fodder for daredevils. I see your photos of snow — and I should whisper this because yet another storm is whipping across the Plains — and I’m almost envious because on our stretch of Lake Huron in the Thumb, we’re all but snow-deprived this year. Only had to use the snowblower twice.

  3. Glad to see there was a big turn out. Looks like more snow is heading our way!

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