Shiver shopping continued

I left you yesterday after shopping for rustic rolls at the Crescent Bakery.

Next I went across the street and into Olsen-Sayles to see what was new there.  There was, though not new, Tina.  She was all alone in there and the place was teeming with shoppers


Wow, they had a lot of good stuff on sale.  Except I forgot to get some.

And now on to a store that opened last summer and this was the first time I had ever had time to go in and introduce myself to the owner Greta Bolger.

This is a great store with some really beautiful clothing and art works form Guatemala.  So, without further ado, here are some photos of her merchandise.



Greta is a photographer as well

Everything in this store is so colorful and happy.  I had to buy a duffel bag for Ty.  We had seen it in the window a few weeks ago and he really liked it.  I should have gotten one for Marc as well but, there was only this one left (sorry no picture)


The store’s name?

Maxwell’s on Main

And then I went back home only to find a glass of juice with mold on top in my sink. Not exactly something to boast about, but this one fits my artsy fartsy mood today, so I am going to share this picture with you…

Produced under the pool table in the man cave.  Guess who had to spend most of their Sunday morning cleaning up in there, muahahahaaaa

8 thoughts on “Shiver shopping continued

  1. OOh I love the pretty jewelry pieces! The mold, not so much. hehehe

    • Really, not the mold? I thought it looked beautiful. Not kidding. No way to save it, it had to be dumped out.

      oh and, the jewelry was under $ 20.00 for even the most intricate necklace. Fun, colorful stuff

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Uh – nice little bit of penicillin you’re growing there…. Love the Guatamalen store – we have one here and they have such beautiful things. (great summer flowy dresses for all those classy dinners you give).

  3. Mold is better than maggots…….
    Why can’t boys bring things to the kitchen before the mold or maggots??

  4. Nice picture of Tina, but I prefer her when she was handing out donuts!!!!! 😉

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