Rush Hour

There were quite a few tracks in our front yard this morning.
It seems the animals have a rush hour of their own…




I just had to add this photo this morning because the traffic here is new since yesterday.

This must have been either breakfast this morning or dinner last night.  Deer nibbling up the crab apple tree as far as they could…

6 thoughts on “Rush Hour

  1. Christine Tilley

    I like the pic where the tree casts a shadow. Cool. I also like your cabin pic at the top. The lighting is interesting. Your becoming a real Annie Lebowitz. (Only famous photographer that I know…lol)

    • ROFL, if only. That Annie got to photograph the Queen of England. Oh how fantastic it would be to be so good at something that the Queen might invite you to come and share space with her.

      I love the glitter in the picachures

  2. So if that lodging thing doesn’t work out for you, you always have baking and photography!

  3. We have that kind of rush hour here too, and what always unnerves me is the fact that the tracks just seem to stop. We try to follow the tracks, but they always seem to just end. What happens? Do they suddenly take flight? heheh

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