Now that’s a sunrise!

Ok so it was time to take the boys to school this morning, picking up other boys along the way.

As we made our way around the corner by the old ‘Mix’s Service’ and across Betsie Bay, we spotted…..I spotted the most beautiful sunrise.
Of course with all the snow on the side of the roads, it is difficult to just pull over and take pictures. After all 15 minutes before school starts is totally rush hour here in the area 🙂

I asked Marc to do it for me and he just looked at me like I was nuts.  <—–  Don’t comment on that, heehee.

So, no pictures of that, but coming home I turned right onto 668- the shortest highway in Michigan- and drove to Elberta’s Waterfront Park.  There I could take some pics.  Nothing as spectacular as what I saw earlier, still nice though.



The clouds were pretty cool too.

Then I drove out of the park and home again.  I thought the ramshackle cottages on that road looked nice in that light this morning as well, so I took these pics to let you see :mrgreen:  It seems to me like some of them have had a little work done.

Don’t you just love the one in the foreground?  It reminds me of that house on Grace Road.


Have a good day everyone 🙂

4 thoughts on “Now that’s a sunrise!

  1. How very pleasant Iris! The sun is such a blessing these days and gosh the beauty of that rising! Thank you and it did make me smile.

  2. Truly a sight to behold. So much to be inspired by. 🙂 My favorite one is the second one. Might need to “borrow” it and use it as a screen saver.

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