A snowman’s prayer

It’s been too warm this week.  The snow is melting.

My first thought was to dismiss this photo, because it’s probably difficult to see
what I am talking about

On second thought, I’ll show it to you and see if you like it.
Can you see what I mean?  My entire back and front yards are still covered in snow,
even after the warm temps we’ve been having.
It glitters in the sunshine.


Someone walked out of the swamp and across the street to visit.
I can positively say that it was not a bear.
Looks more like it might have been a deer.
It came all the way up on the porch.

And there, quietly, sits the rhododendron waiting for its time to be colorful again.


Oh, look – something is already happening

Snowman’s Prayer: “Please freeze! Amen”

4 thoughts on “A snowman’s prayer

  1. Christine Tilley

    I see the snow crystals. So pretty. How much snow do you typically get in a season? BTW, love the new blog notification via email!

  2. I cannot tell you how much snow we get. Right here, along the lake, it is usually very manageable. Mike blows snow 3 or 4 times. A few miles inland it’s another story, they get dumped on pretty good.

    BTW, thanks for using the mail notification. It’s been there forever, only not many saw it 😉

  3. Yes, please freeze, I am not ready for spring just yet. We still haven’t built one decent snow man.

  4. Ahhh glistening snow…

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