Time for some color

The weather is dreary once again. That’s fine.  I put color into my day by playing with my food.

The boys and I spent Sunday afternoon in Traverse City which always includes a trip to Meijer’s for me.  They have food!  They have the kind of food that we, here in Frankfort, can only dream of.  I am particularly fond of their produce department. Yumm.  I could spend hours in that place.  So, I stocked up on veggies and fruits.  And now I am turning those veggies and fruits into the most delicious juice.   Here is what I made this morning.
Carrots, apples, beets and Swiss chard – mm~mm~ good 🙂


Tie dye – not too appetizing yet, but wait until it’s all mooshed together :mrgreen:

There’s no recipe, only that I always include apples and carrots because they sweeten up the greens; the greens change from spinach to Swiss chard, to beet greens and parsley.



OMgosh, look at this sweet, red juice.

28 thoughts on “Time for some color

  1. Oh I love it! That I could be so adventurous to create such a tandlizing mixture! Pam

  2. Christine Tilley

    That looks like a detox thig a mi jig. Enjoy!

  3. Hmm. Very interesting. Do they boys know about the greens that go into that concoction?

  4. Mike the Maintenance Man

    It tastes kinda bland to the men in the house, and looks like some sort of green seaweed concoction.. I really prefer BEER

  5. Janice Gravelines

    you are like a mad scientist!

  6. Lovely as well as healthy. What do you use for juicing? I love my GreenPower Gold. Are guests treated to your juices, and if so, what’s the reaction?

    • I use a juicer from Oster that I bought 25 or so years ago. It is loud and has a fairly low capacity, I think. The centrifuge is very small, so making 4 – 8oz glasses of juice, I have to clean the pulp once. But it makes great juice and squeezes out every little last bit.

      No, the guests have to suffer without that wonderful stuff.

  7. What a beautiful red color! I wonder how it would taste with rum?

  8. Your food looks lovely! That’s how we get color this time of year, is it? LOL!

  9. Oh, how I miss Meijer. I dream of Meijer, especially the produce department.

    Your juice is lovely, Iris. I’d like a sweater in that color.

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