For the first time in a long time we played Monopoly.  Not just any Monopoly but Coast Guard Monopoly.

Ty was out at a friend’s birthday party and an overnight, Marc was here.
He did not need his arm twisted to play. That surprised me, he’s been a bear for the last year or so.


Then I tried to get some nice pictures of Mike and Marc but those two
Dinglefritzes kept making faces at the camera.

The one with the dopiest smile won the game

6 thoughts on “Monopoly

  1. How nice that you have a moment to stop and enjoy each other.

    • This is why I like the Wayfarer when it’s closed 😉
      Amazing are the things you find out about the kids when you play games. We’ve always tried to play games together. And to think that I wanted to give away our games.

  2. Now, I have played a lot of different versions of Monopoly, but not Coast Guard! My boys and I love board games too. 🙂 As they get older, though, they do get more competitive. 🙂

  3. Christine Tilley

    I’ve been wanting to play Monopoly forever. We have the Disney version. I live with fun killers. Now with the Coast Guard version, do they have boats instead of hotels?? It’s a legit question, stop laughing…..

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