I have been meaning to tell Pam Dow, the owner of “It’s the Berries”,  that her window decorations in winter, when the store is closed, are really imaginative.

Here, look for yourself

Paper cut-outs with real, tiny clothes.  Beautiful clothes. I am afraid that the details are not coming through in the pictures.
She used gorgeous fabrics in beautiful colors to dress these 3 foot “dolls”


I hope you can see what I mean.
I wish more people in this town, me included, would dress with a little more pizazz.
We are all in a boring, black and gray rut.

It’s the Berries is located in Frankfort on Main Street, right by the Book Store and the Coho Cafe.
I didn’t notice all the reflections when I took the pictures.

5 thoughts on “Grin…

  1. You haven’t been wearing your Stubbs & Wooten’s?

  2. No, I haven’t. It’s just a little too cold out there 😉

  3. Yes it is too easy to fall in to the gray and dreary mindset in the winter. I loved all the little shops in town, they all have a certain appeal that is hard to explain. Its the berries especially sticks out in my mind since I really loved the name.

    • Very cute – Classens has their cute shoes up inthe windows too – I wish more of the store owners would decorate their windows like that while they are closed for the winter! Love your website Iris!

      • Oh I did not know that Classens has a good window too. I don’t ever go down that way when it snows. I have to look.

        I agree with you, it is such a missed opportunity not to have inviting windows, even when closed, and wetting people’s appetite for shopping.

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