A gift

This morning – a gift!
There it was, completely unexpected.
Can you see it?


Then later this morning I had to go to a friend’s house in Elberta and saw the most amazing icicles…

Can you see the gift here?

Oh come on, play along, it’s not that difficult.
However,there isn’t a prize for guessing correctly      😛

( Hansel & Gretel may have come through here)




I love that kind of sunshine.

It makes everything look so much more crisp and cold.


10 thoughts on “A gift

  1. I betcha alot of us Michiganders guessed correctly what the gift was, easily recognizable to us. This season has soo much beauty to offer and I really enjoy your sharing of the up Nor’ pix of it. Thank you, Pam

  2. It took me a few minutes to recognize it, Pam. I am slow 🙂

  3. Incredible. I’ve never seen icicles like that before. Looks like you’re not thawing out anytime soon…

  4. OMG! I saw your sunshine!!!!

  5. Iris…we had sunshine in Noblesville, IN too. The sky was a beautiful blue. We went for a walk and shoveled the neighbor’s drive, she is in Florida.

    Today I took down my tree and all of our decorations, 16 days after Christmas. I was not ready for the holidays to be over.

    • I am never ready to call it quits either, Robbyn. The lights make our homes look so sparkly and pretty. I always leave something out, like the little lights that are on the tray with the liquor. I will have to take a picture of that.

  6. Kathy Carlile Holwerda

    Love the winter photos, Iris!
    I guessed it was the gift of sunshine! Rare in these Michigan winters!

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