There is no bad weather…

…just the wrong clothing!

I was just thinking about why some people don’t like winter and its white, cold goodness.  People don’t like it because they don’t dress right for it. For me winter was always the more enjoyable time of year.  We would go outside and walk on the beach every chance we had
(at least on Sylt we did. It’s a national pastime ).
Lately I sit at the computer more than I am outside.  I will have to take action soon and, get out there daily and show you what I see; much like Centria in her blog opening the door, walking outside

So, I’ll try again tomorrow 🙂

11 thoughts on “There is no bad weather…

  1. Perfect! A good reason to go buy a new wardrobe!


    I really don’t mind the winter. I am actually a bit excited right now because some snow is headed our way.

  2. Christine Tilley

    I love the snow. Hoping for some tomorrow. True about dressing correctly. I’m guilty.

  3. Sylt. Did you go there in the wintertime?
    I haven’t visited Sylt, (If it is the Sylt I’m thinking of.) but Fanoe, which is the isle farest north of the 5 (6) isles. But only in the summer time.
    I like snow. I was born into it many years ago.

    • Hi Carsten, Sylt is the largest North Frisian Island in Germany and it is the most northern. When you look at a map of that area, you’ll see what I call a sideways ‘T’. Half of it lies in Danish waters. or so it appears.
      I lived there and I miss it

  4. I hate winter. I hate being cold.
    I even dress warmly and I’m still cold!
    Give me sunshine and warmth.

    It is pretty when it snows though!

  5. Iris, thank you for mentioning the blog! I think you have stated the greatest wisdom in the world here. There is no bad weather…just the wrong clothing. That is real wisdom.

    The times I was most in agony last year during the outdoor commitment were the times when I was dressed improperly. Such as…heading downstate…spending the night in Munising and having to go for a walk in the pouring rain in the most inadequate jacket and no gloves.

    Looks like you succeeded in getting outside yesterday.

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