Alright, I made myself go out other than only visiting my buddies at Glen’s Market and spending money for the daily supply of sustenance for my people.

So off to Frankfort – first shopping for food, then up Main Street to see what Lake Michigan looks like.

When I came out of the Market I noticed that 5 of my friends were freezing cold, heehee.

Mickey looked like a Popsicle

Then I looked at the lake.  It looked good, cold and gray.  The sky was gray as well, only a tad bit lighter. The short pier has begun to freeze.

And look, there is ice between the south and the north pier – the harbor is freezing!

11 thoughts on “Out!

    Thanks for the pictures Iris!

  2. Christine Tilley

    Mickey sure does look cold. Brrrr BTW, love, love the pic of the snow covered adirondack chairs.

  3. Thank you very much for your comment at my blog. I haven´t had much time for answering and blogging these past days, but I´ll have to send you a compliment for your nice photos. I´ll look foreward to read your blog.

  4. Love the photos from your Outdoor Adventure, Iris. You done good.

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