Happy New Year

I hope it’s going to be a good one for us all

It’s been snowing huge flakes since last night, the roads were slippery so we decided not to partake in any New Years festivities other than putting my car into the ditch in front of Anne Gwaltney’s house – right up the road between the Wayfarer and the Bay Valley Motel in Elberta.  Bummer.  $100 towing fee and really it was not a pleasure to spend that kind of money. I like spending money and enjoying the exercise of doing so.   I suffered from buyers remorse the minute the deed was done, heh!


So this is what it looks like outside this very minute.

…and here is my poor, frozen rosemary. I couldn’t get it out of its pot and I could not move the pot, so there it is hopefully it will come back next year

Back to what you were doing 🙂

I am cleaning out another cupboard – getting rid of unnecessary stuff!

14 thoughts on “Twenty-ten

  1. But just think: You brought joy to the life of some tow-truck company operator trying to cover his monthly MasterCard bill.
    P.S. You’re the third person I’ve heard of in three days who was cleaning out closets and cupboards. If there’s something going around, I didn’t catch it yet.

  2. Yes, I think you’re right about Homer’s credit card bills getting covered, heehe
    I believe it’s called aging. I watched my mother go through it and thought it was strange but now.
    I feel a little bit lighter with every drawer, cupboard, closet that gets a good “once over”.

  3. Cleaning cupboards is on my “To Do List”. The list just keeps getting longer. Need to get on that. Pesky resolutions…..

  4. Happy New Year.
    Don & I were coming up, for The New Year, but became Ill (Flu) So maybe it was a good thing. Just have to pick another weekend.
    God Bless this new year.

  5. I hate to tell you, but the rosemary is gone and won’t be back….

  6. I see where your soap money went

  7. Drat, buyers remorse indeed. 😦

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