Fun weather

Yesterday the weather was spectacular.

It wasn’t too cold, the sun was shining off and on, it snowed and the wind blew snow every which way.
Swirls of snow across the bay made me stop and take pictures.
I don’t think I did a very good job though.   Another interesting thing was seeing all the shanties already in the bay,
plopped down on what looked like they were floating on small shards of ice in the water

Looking from the Library across the bay and towards the Betsie River

This is the view from Main Street towards the Library and left across the bay to Elberta and
as you can see, they are already pushing the snow in place for the snowmobile races for
Shiver by the River
taking place in February

The next three pictures were taken from the Elberta side of the bay,  aprox. 20 seconds apart.


Cool huh?

This last picture is taken alongside Furnace Ave. in Elberta,
looking toward M-22 – across Betsie Bay

8 thoughts on “Fun weather

  1. Great pictures Iris! Thank you! And I was feeling cold out here in my 50* weather!

  2. I love snow. Looks like paradise to me. So pretty. Are you tired of it yet?

  3. What great pictures..makes me homesick, we don’t get good snow in Ann Arbor.

    • Well, are you coming next weekend? Isn’t that when David and gang come?
      You should see the snow today. Winter storm advisory until 7 PM tomorrow, woawwwww.
      thanks goodness I have all those groceries in my new fridge and! enough milk – no one goes anywhere tomorrow. Not paying another dime to have the car yanked out of the ditch

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