Cleaning up

Today is the day the tree comes down and goes out the door.
I don’t know about you but I hardly enjoy taking down and cleaning up anything.

I have 128 glass drops and about 50 crystal icicles in various sizes to take down.   Thank goodness it’s easy this year,  I just blow on that tree and 1/3 of the needles are on the floor. This makes the glass and crystal ornaments easier to spot, heehee.

Ok, I got it done and then Ty pulled the tree through the front door holding it by the tip. That, clearly, was a mistake !

After having swept up about half of the needles I had the glorious idea to show youse guys how many there were.  So, feast your eyes on “just a few”

The second third of all needles landed INSIDE while the almost bare nakkit tree is now on the front porch.
Yup you are correct,  it does look a bit low rent, heehee

13 thoughts on “Cleaning up

  1. Iris
    I hated the thought every year of taking the tree down, and those darn needles in the carpet. We now have a artificial tree, which I must say looks great but doesn’t smell the same. Oh well, Happy New Year, and hope to see you soon.


  2. I used to feel the same way, but I rather enjoy my artificial tree, and I am able to keep it up much longer than I could with a real tree. 🙂 I still hate to take it down though, the house looks so sad without it. 😦

  3. Iris,
    Grandma just turned me on to your blog, she really enjoys reading it! Your Christmas cookies looked beautiful and delicious.

  4. We have an artificial tree and I do miss a real tree but after that picture, I’ll stick to the artificial. Crisp Spruce/Yankee Candle fills our home with the smell of a real tree. Mark takes everything down around the middle of Jan. It sure does look bare when it’s gone.

    • I guess I have to take a better look at those artificial trees. But I must say, I think the Michigan Christmas tree growers would like me to keep buying the real thing 😛

      • We’re actually in the market for a new tree. That’s how I stumbled upon Bonner’s. Check out their web site. They have beautiful artificial trees just a little pricey but beautiful!

  5. Bronners is quite a sight, in person. You are more than welcome to come and stay with me Christine, and I will take you there and be your very own personal guide. 🙂

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