Youth in Revolt

Woohooo, at the Garden Theater tonight is the free preview of Youth in Revolt for us Benzie County peeps.

You rememberWhen Hollywood came calling
The movie opens nation wide on January 8th.

So click here and enjoy the trailer 🙂

Here are the pictures from tonights premiere.  As you can see the who’s who of Benzie County was assembled in the theater.  No empty seats, people were turned away


Rick Schmitt, co-owner of the theater with some opening words

Youth in Revolt – a fun movie with well known actors.  It opened my eyes  about 16 year old boys  :0)

6 thoughts on “Youth in Revolt

  1. Oh cool! You’ll have to give a review. I probably won’t go to the theater to see it but will wait until it comes on Demand to see it.

  2. Oh my, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Justin Long! I think they are all fabulous. I will actually go spend my money and see it in the theater. 🙂 Love to see Ray Liotta bigger than life, hehe.

  3. You really didn’t know what swirls around in teenage boys heads?????

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