A Christmas Dinner

Today I got a call from Jack, a friend and loyal reader of this blog.

He told me to go to school and see what was happening there.

So I did.

The most amazing sight inside the old gymnasium –

Well first I saw “Woody” – the Plumstead’s new puppy.  A companion to their old “Buzz” 🙂

And there it was – this beautifully decorated hall.

with sparkly trees, decorated by the kids

The school band is getting ready to play Christmas music while their fellow pupils are enjoying

a Christmas Dinner

The tables were set with “china” and…

…each plate had a place card with a student’s name on it

And here is my gang:  Top left is Zach, waving to me is Joey, the boy in the Santa hat is T.J. then comes Marc with that silly looking Mohawk, standing is Tallon, Ty in the blue shirt – sitting down and in front of him, halfway under the table is Luke.


It has been a longstanding tradition in Frankfort for the teachers and staff
to  serve the high school kids Christmas dinner on the last day of school.
There isn’t enough time, nor are there enough ovens in the home ec room
to cook all the turkeys they need to feed everyone which means
that some special people like Jack and his wife Pat help out by cooking turkeys
at home and delivering them to school at lunch time.

Left – science

Right – math

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Dinner

  1. What a nice tradition! The gym looks beautiful. This is what Christmas is all about. (and I love the puppy).

  2. Such a lovely tradition! The gymnasium was stunning. And, of course, it goes without saying that the puppy was precious.

  3. that puppy picture was put there entirely for your pleasure, darrrlink

  4. Hehe, well thank you! I also liked the picture of Science and Math..:)

  5. Good ol’ Jack and Pat! :-}
    Love the puppy picture…. and the gym looked amazing!

  6. That’s great! The gym is amazing. I bet those boys had big appetites. Christmas time is the best.

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