I thought you might like an update on how the cottages look lately.  Brrrrr……not very inviting

And how about that gorgeous tree by cottage 1.  I cannot believe how much it has grown.  When we first moved here the very top of the tree didn’t reach quite to the top of the roof of #1. I was thinking we should donate it to be the official Christmas tree in Lansing next year.

.I delivered cookies to Dorothy.  She liked the walnut cookies best 🙂

15 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Janice Gravelines

    That’s a lot of snow! We hardly have any – can still see the grass – not that that is breaking my heart. Those cookies look so delicious – I can’t imagine how you create those delectable little morsels Iris. You must have incredible patience! The tree is gorgeous – heartbreaking to cut it down, but sometimes they just get too big.

    • That tree has roots that have damaged the driveway and they grew under the cottage and out into the front lawn, unearthing anything in it’s path. It has to go. Sad but reality.
      We’ll find something nice to put there in it’s stead 🙂

  2. I think the snow looks very inviting!

  3. Christine Tilley

    I want snow!! Want to send me some?? Sorry about the tree. Shame it isn’t a little bigger, it would look great at Rockerfeller’s Center in NY. I think you’re a pastry chef. The cookies look yummy!

  4. the cookies were just as good as the look only they don;t last long need more greedy huh

  5. I hate to say this…..but the snow is beautiful!!!

  6. I think the cottages look very inviting. Probably most inviting to those who don’t have any snow for Christmas, poor folks. However, I am hoping for good driving conditions for everyone during this upcoming holiday week. It’s no fun to drive in a snowstorm.

  7. What a beautiful Christmas scene!!! Safe driving everyone!

  8. Those cookies look perfect. Are you sure you made them?hehehehe

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