A Trip Report

Last year at this time, Mike and I were on our way up north to the U.P. for a football game.  The Semi Finals actually for the Frankfort Panthers and my boys were both on that team, although not scheduled to play.  They had just moved up after the J.V. season (successful season) had ended to be the Varsity’s “Junkyard Dogs”.  In other words, they were standing at the sidelines, while the older boys played.

I had never been across the bridge.  I didn’t ever want to cross the bridge. Bridges scare me.  For nearly 8 years I had to cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco every day and I did not like that one bit.

Here are some pictures for you.


There’s snow coming, can you see?


What a beautiful bridge and fun to cross.  It’s so much bigger than the Golden Gate and so much less traffic on it.


In the last 30 years I have taken many of these pictures of Mike. In all of them he’s younger than in this one, heehee



Look how dark that sky is at noon!  Snow is on the way


Oh look, little cabins   🙂


oh no, too much snow coming down all at once.  It’s a blizzard


Wow, the highway so close to the lake.


The Yooper Dome in all its glory.
We lost that game.   It was an ugly game.

We will miss making this trip this year because of the timing of our Disney trip. I never thought about it. I also messed up Marc with hunting.  We are leaving on opening day of deer season.  I am a bad mother.  Where are my priorities I ask you.

Mike and I were mostly on our own while in Marquette.  We loved being there.  It is a really fun, young town with some great bars and restaurants and so many young people. It actually reminds me of what Petaluma, CA was like in the early 80’s.

7 thoughts on “A Trip Report

  1. Beautiful snowy pictures!

  2. Those are great photos. Here in the south, all life would stop with that much snow!

  3. Hey, this all looks familiar! This is great! Even the Yooper Dome. (p.s. guess what, I’ve always had a fear of bridges, too. I used to have to drive across the Mackinac with two little kids. My hands would sweat and we would sing songs REALLY loud. The songs helped us across, I swear.)

  4. P.S. Barry was listening to the game yesterday as he was pounding on his garage addition. He said “yeah, Crystal Falls was playing Frankfort at the dom” and I said YES! That’s where Iris lives! Her kids may even have been playing.

    And he said, “Iris who?”

    Just wanted to let you know it’s a small world.

  5. I absolutely adore that bridge. I could not believe how truly magnificent it was, and I am still in awe of it!!

    Snow, yikes!! Not yet, I am not ready to see that. Hope you are having a marvelous time, can’t wait to hear all about your visit. 🙂

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