The Smokestack – snuffed out!

As some of you know, the Smoke Stack was sold to a developer who is going to build an affordable housing complex, including a park.  That is very exciting for the citizens of Frankfort and Elberta, for shoppers it’s a sad thing.

The Smokestack was a consignment warehouse. It must have started off as a storage facility though, because it was called Smokestack Storage.

In the summer time you could find treasure there that came from some of the swankiest addresses in the area.  When we first moved here, the Smokestack was in its hay-day.  You could find handmade French dining room furniture, gold pocket watches, old irons, used paint,  screws, dressers, lamps, plates cups, skis, accordions, doors,  shelves, toys, books as well as the sailboat that won the 1925 Chicago to Mackinaw Island race and more and more and more.  The building was pretty dilapidated. It would rain in there, there were critters living in the old sofas and upholstered furniture and you always felt like the roof was going to cave in at any moment.  It didn’t matter, everyone went there anyway.

In winter they would store your boat or car or both there, if you have both    😛
Everyone was so excited when spring came and the doors to Sesame would open again.  Year after year and season after season it was fun to dig in there.  We actually had quite a few guests who came to stay at the Wayfarer specifically to go shopping there.  Nancy L. would come with her girlfriends on the last weekend of the season because then everything in the store would be half off.

So, now it’s gone. They tore it down yesterday.

The Smokestack how it looked a few weeks ago


And how it looked this morning at 7:54 am.


The brown building in the middle-left and the long building on the right need to come down still. I bet when I go to school this afternoon to deliver 100 cookies to the football team ( yikes)  those buildings will be gone.

Happy Friday everyone.
Tonight’s football game will be played in Frankfort against Manistee Catholic.  Not going to be easy, but we can do it.

Go Panthers!!

5 thoughts on “The Smokestack – snuffed out!

  1. Christine Tilley

    Sounds like my kind of shopping! Maybe some one else will be entrepenurial and open another one up. I often where people find such treasures to begin with. Estate sales?

    • Well in the case of Frankfort and Crystal Lake, we have some very big names residing here. Their decorators take the stuff to the consignment shops every couple of years, once the newness or excitement of the stuff has worn off. Must be nice, huh?

  2. Christine Tilley

    Someone should let them know that I gladly take hand me downs… hee-hee

  3. Well you could let the big names know you will be happy to take their stuff, now that the Smoke stack is gone!

    What a fun place it must have been. You will have to keep us updated on the “progress.”

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